Thursday, October 15, 2009

MORE Garfield & Odie Halloween avatars

1,000's of Garfield items available at eBay
animation art, clothing, collectibles, figures, figurines, halloween costumes, PEZ dispensers, scrubs, stuffed animals, video games, window stickers and more

Right click on image to save to your computer.

1,000's of Garfield items for sale at
books, christmas ornaments, coffee cups/mugs, costumes, dvd's, movies, MP3 downloads, neck ties, plush, t-shirts, toys & games, TY beanie babies, watches etc.

Created by Jim Davis / Paws, Inc.
100 x 100 Avatars / Graphics / Pics / Pictures / Jpegs
Tags: animals, beagle, candy, cat, cauldron, claws, costumes, disguises, dog, fangs, ghost, holiday, jack-o-lantern, masks, moon, mummy, scary, smiley face, trick or treat, vampires bat

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