Friday, July 31, 2009

Wil E. Coyote Avatars

Wile E. Coyote, also known as "The Coyote", was created by Chuck Jones in 1948.

Wil E. Coyote items available at
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FREE Wil E. Coyote Avatars - Frescura 2009
Warner Bros. / Looney Tunes / Merry Melodies
100 x 100 Avatars / Graphics / Jpegs / Pictures
Tags: Acme, Coyote, Help!, Road Runner, rocket, Sheep


  1. Great avatars! I've snaffled the one with the ACME graphic and coyote about to push the plunger. I can't make out any of the wording on it, though. Do you have the original?

    Reenie x

  2. Glad you liked the avatars Reenie. =0) I posted the largest picture I have of this image plus a few more...and I found The ORIGINAL Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products and posted a link here:

    Take Care! ~ Lois

  3. Wonderful!

    Thank you, Lois.

    Reenie x

  4. GREAT Avatars I LOVE EM Thanks!

  5. Thanks Fred! Glad you like them. =0)